• 4th Coming: Bitcoin's Halving - Doubling Costs, Doubling Excitement!

    Posted in Crypto on Apr 25, 2024

    Ticker Symbols:-

    Bitcoin (BTC) - $63 971.00 , Marathon Digital Holdings Inc (MARA) - $16.50, CleanSpark Inc (CLSK) - $17.20, Riot Platforms (RIOT) - $9.13 , Phoenix Group Holdings PLC (PHNX) - $5.98, Terawulf Inc (WULF) - $2.29,


    A Bitcoin (BTC) halving event has so far taken place roughly every 4 years when the mining rewards are halved and in turn, halves the supply rate of new BTC. The current market cap of BTC is sitting at about $1.2 Trillion and with the current supply sitting at about 19 million BTC in circulation, it’s meant to only have 21 million in circulation with the l...

  • Cryptocurrencies: A Transformative Force in Finance

    Posted in Crypto on Apr 22, 2024


    Cryptocurrencies have emerged as a transformative force in finance, reshaping traditional banking systems and opening up new avenues for investment and financial transactions. This article delves into the journey of cryptocurrencies, their profound impact on the financial landscape, and the promising future they hold.

    The Genesis of Cryptocurrencies

    In 2009, Bitcoin, introduced by the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, pioneered the concept of decentralized digital currency. Bitcoin's blockchain technology offered a secure and transparent platform for peer-to-peer transactions, free fro...

  • NASDAQ100 Index Fund Introduction

    Posted in Stocks on Apr 07, 2024


    The NASDAQ 100 has historically been regarded as the tech-laden index & has seen a constant upward trends over the last 5 years, with the following ticker symbols, AAPL, MSFT, GOOG & GOOGL, NVDA, AMZN, META leading the charge to trillion dollar valuations. But is there still value in the index, if one is to look more closely to it ‘without’ the aforementioned ticker symbols. That is usually a hypothetical but what if it wasn’t. What if we were to trade the individual stocks within the NASDAQ 100 based on merit. Is value for 3x, 4x, or 7x returns still lingering about?

    Standalone C...

  • Forex Trading Basics

    Posted in Forex on Apr 07, 2024

    Introduction to Forex Trading

    Forex trading, short for foreign exchange trading, is like playing a global game of "I'll trade you this for that." But instead of trading toys, you're trading currencies. The purpose? To profit from the constantly changing exchange rates between different currencies.

    Currencies can be both bought (or a 'long' position taken) or sold (a 'short' position). When buying, we profit from the currency moving upwards, whereas selling a currency pair means we profit if the currency pair moves down (similar to shorting stocks).

    Definition and Purpose of Forex Trading