Lot Calculator

To calculate the (starting) Lot value for your BladeMiner settings, use the lot calculator below:

( $ 
 / 1000 ) x  

It is recommended to update each pair's Lot size once a week.
Keeping your starting Lot sizes in line with your account balance will ensure your account grows at a constant rate.

Account Balance

To get your account balance, open MT4 and in the bottom left hand side, in the 'Trade' tab, you will see it.

Note that this value is shown in Cents, so divide this figure by 100 to get the account balance to use above.

Tip: Simply 'move' the decimal dot/period 2 places to the left to get the $ value :)

In the case below, the account balance is $268:

Account Balance in MT4

You can also see the current balance from your FBS daily statement email. At the bottom of the email on the LHS you will see it as 'Current Balance' (this is for a different account than above):

Account balance in FBS Daily Statement Email

NOTE: Do not use the value for 'Balance' as shown in your FBS dashboard. This value is in fact Equity (= Balance - Current PnL) not the true balance.

Risk Multiplier

It is highly recommended to use the tried-and-tested risk multiplier values as per the lot calculator form above.

NOTE: Using higher multiplier values than the calculator-recommended (auto-selected based on account balance) ones can cause your account to blow. Do so at your own risk.