BladeMiner Forex EA

Welcome to the BladeMiner Forex Bot - An Expert Advisor mining Forex pips daily...

Intro - What is BladeMiner?

BladeMiner is a Forex Expert Advisor (EA) also known as a Forex Bot, trading automatically Monday to Friday generating an extraordinary return on investment (see stats below).

BladeMiner uses advanced trade entry logic combined with smart hedging to reduce risk and generate profit.

All you need to get started:

  • ‐ Minimum starting capital of USD$50 to deposit into your broker account (this can be withdrawn any time).
  • ‐ A PC (or VPS) available to run the bot during market hours (24hrs Monday to Friday).

  • If you do not make a 100% return on your initial investment within the first year, we will gladly pay you out your initial investment amount
    (and you get to keep whatever profit you've made so far).
  • You can withdraw your money at any time if not happy with the results.

Live Performance Stats

The performance statics below are provided by FX Blue - a trade verification service - and linked to a real trading account.

This account is an MT 4 Cent Account - so all figures need to be divided by 100 to get the dollar ($) value (for more info see the Cent Account FAQ).

Note: A negative floating P/L is normal, and how the bot operates (using reversion of prices).

The Strategy

BladeMiner uses a highly profitable trading strategy employing advanced trade entry logic (volatility ranges, Fibonacci retracements and advanced trend detection) to analyze past price direction and take buy (long) and sell (short) positions, depending on the direction in which the market is currently moving.

Once positions are in place, smart adaptive hedging is used to reduce risk and ensure draw-down remains low and profits are maximized.

A risk multiplier is used to determine how much risk you want to take (determines the opening lot size of trades).

Using an automated trading algorithm such as BladeMiner removes the emotions and stress out of trading, allowing you to get on with your daily life without having to worry about news, trades going wrong, etc while generating passive profits.


BladeMiner is 100% free! Why? When you register using the affiliate link (required), we receive a (very) small commission on trades placed by you, at no cost to you. This helps us keep the platform running and continuously make improvements to BladeMiner, resulting in improved profits.

Get Started

Still have questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions or simply contact us, we'd be happy to help.